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Artist Spotlight - Taste of Talent

October 14, 2018

Nothing is more exciting to us than someone fulfilling their dreams! Like anyone in this challenging pursuit, it is quite normal to have several hustles happening at once. But 'side gigs' are the norm for many musicians and remains consistent within the performing arts, music, and entertainment industry. Which is why this month, we have decided to do an Artist Spotlight on our dear friend and rockstar pianist Ronny Michael Greenberg who is in full pursuit of chasing his dreams, and who is doing a fabulous job!

Ronny doesn't just perform private concert experience (which is hard enough to do), he also plays piano for some of the major art organizations in the Bay Area including the SF Opera, Merola Opera, and the SF Ballet to name a few. And now he is launching a brand new concert series called Taste of Talent.

Scroll down to see how Ronny is infusing music, food, and wine into this experience.

Ronny Michael Greenberg, Pianist and Founder, Ana Paula Malagon, Soprano and Guest Artist, Edward Mazenc, Wine Presenter and President of the Stanford Wine Society

Taste of Talent

Thursday, October 25th will mark the first Taste of Talent's concert presented by Ronny. "We are very excited to unite three of the great French staples into one experience: Wine, Music, and Art!" Says Ronny. We all know food, wine, and art are the perfect combination and that is why we are looking forward to this new Taste of Talent series. The concert will feature premium French wines from K&L wines paired with live piano works and songs by Debussy, Faure, Poulenc and Chopin. Pianist Ronny Michael Greenberg is performing and will be joined by Guest Soprano Ana Paula Malagon, and Edward Mazenc President of the Stanford Wine Society. The venue and piano sponsor, Artist Bing Liem, has painted a beautifully imaginative and romantic Paris themed painting which will be auctioned at the end of the evening (painting below).

About the Concert

Every Taste of Talent concert will be different and have a new flair. On Oct 25th Vin Divin, a French 'tasting recital' will take place at the Lumina SF (as seen below). So, if you like French music and you like French wine, you have to check out this concert! Guests will be served an array of exciting and delicious wines while listening to piano works and songs by Debussy, Faure, Poulenc, and Chopin.

The Taste of Talent's series will change (dates, times and venues) but will have one common theme - food, music, wine, and amazing company! If you are a fan of intimate concert experiences with amazing musicians and artisans, this is a must-see!

The Venue (Lumina - Premier Living)

The Details

October 25th

7:30-8:00 PM Doors open

8:00-9:30 PM Tasting Recital

Valet Parking included

We hope you can come and enjoy some delicious wines while listening to a perfectly paired musical program of 5 sets (Festive and Celebratory, Extravagant and Alluring, Beautiful and Fantasy, Passionate and Dramatic, Classic French Dessert) an array of cheese, appetizers, and dessert will be served. Space is limited but you can snag a ticket below!

Click HERE to grab your tickets and see it for yourself!

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