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Red Curtain Addict's NEW Platform!

October 12, 2021

About Red Curtain Addict’s New Platform

We are so excited to launch our new platform to enhance audiences’ ability to discover, learn, and go to the performing arts in their city and online! Our new tool enables users to search performances across genre and generate a curated list of arts experiences based on their personal interests.

We believe that culture is the heartbeat of a city, and in a world that is continually being globalized, the performing arts are one of the few things that makes a city truly unique. It is our mission to make these unique digital or live experiences accessible to new and diverse audiences around the world.  

Click below to watch our launch video to find out more!

With event listings from eight cities currently available on the platform (more coming soon!) and in-depth, vibrant editorial content, Red Curtain Addict is uniquely positioned to link audiences with the arts they love in a user-friendly, engaging way. Anyone who signs up for a free account will receive personalized recommendations, event updates, and access to exclusive content and features.

At Red Curtain Addict we’re community first, not transaction first. Many companies try to sell audiences tickets based on what they have to offer instead of getting to know the audience first, to understand what they are even looking for in the first place. Audiences are inundated with so much “push content” and offerings, making it difficult to make sense of it all and inevitably challenging to make a decision. We’re here to turn that process around. The first thing we do is to get to know the audience and then to suggest events based on their preferences while also making it easy to search experiences across multiple genres. We want to help curate their experience from the very beginning, so that their next arts outing is easy.

Our platform is free for everyone to use, including audiences, arts organizations, and artists. Our goal is to eliminate any friction points from listing events to finding events, both locally and globally. So what are you waiting for?! Go to, create a profile, and experience the arts your way!

Founded by Kari Lincks Coomans and Parker Coomans in 2017, Red Curtain Addict began as a blog highlighting regional events and hosting interviews featuring individual artists, to promote performances to in-person and online audiences.

The following year, RCA expanded its coverage to media outlets in and around San Francisco, including KPIX CBS and local radio stations, and later launched in-person events and bespoke collaborations with arts organizations.

And now, with this new platform, they are excited to globalize local arts so audiences can enjoy the best experiences locally, online, and when they travel, while connecting with a community of arts enthusiasts around the world.

About the Founders

Kari Lincks Coomans founded Red Curtain Addict with her husband Parker Coomans as a way to make the arts more accessible and welcoming to music and theater lovers, and also to future fans who are interested in attending events but may not know where to begin. By lifting the curtain on art forms like jazz, theater, dance, and classical music, it’s their goal to bring the joy, beauty, and fun of the arts to as many people as possible!

“Our Arts Recommendation Platform will give audiences the ability to go behind the curtain of the arts, find what they love, and encourage them to go with ease! If we can help them get there and experience the impact that the arts can have (on them individually and on those around them), chances are their addiction to the arts will kick in, the value will be recognized, and the sustainability of the arts will endure,” says Kari.

Over the last decade, Kari has been building authentic communities through influencer marketing and social media for companies such as Samsung, L’Oreal, A&E Networks, Pinterest, Williams-Sonoma, and BET.  Her experience in digital media and brand marketing gives her the ability to create cutting-edge strategies to ensure that notable companies stay relevant and accessible to new and diverse audiences. Kari is also a classically trained oboist and jazz singer, and has worked for some of the leading arts organizations like the SF Symphony, SF Ballet, and was the Vice President of Bravo at SF Opera, which also gives her a deep understanding of what the arts organizations want and need from a robust tool like Red Curtain Addict.

Parker Coomans is no stranger to the world of start-ups. Over the past fifteen-years, he has helped to start and run several technology companies in the consumer internet, event, media, and enterprise software segments. Parker’s passion is to enable companies to grow through creative strategies and innovative technologies that truly empower and enrich the global community. He sees Red Curtain Addict as a way to lead the charge and to make a change in a world that needs innovation – both on and off the stage – in the performing arts.

Parker has had the privilege of working for some innovative b2b and b2c marketplace companies including; GetGlobal – The premier event and media platform for international business expansion and LivingSocial where he successfully led and managed sales teams from coast-to-coast, during their hyper-growth stage. Parker’s most recent venture is with a leading Fintech company called Rewards Network in the travel and hospitality sector working with major brands like Marriott, Hilton, Jetblue, American Airlines, United Airlines and more.

“I will give all I have to help artists willing to live their dreams to the fullest, help audiences discover arts that create moments of impact, and help an industry catch up to the 21st century of technology and innovation. That is why Red Curtain Addict exists, to help bridge the gap between the arts and the world. It is up to us to use it, evolve it, grow it, embrace it and use it as a way to drive this industry forward to new heights.” – Parker Coomans, co-founder

To find out more about our new platform, click HERE!

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